The body of a girl child . 

For Pete’s sake! what has this world really come to? These days when I log into my social media accounts, instead of news on politiics, global warming or fashion trends it’s just video after video, picture after picture of young girls my age whose bodies are being showcased in the worst possible ways.

As a young teenager myself, it is really heart shattering witnessing how girls my age are exposed and involved in pornography scandals and how it is slowly becoming a commodity among us young people.

Being both a teenager and female, to some extent I can understand how easily we can be lured into such doings .we’re most vulnerable at this stage in our lives. The teenage stage is probably the most confusing, this is the stage where we are transitioning into adulthood and finding ourselves. We are bound to break a few glasses and spill some milk .

I am uncertain of the reasons that drive our girls into performing such acts but according to the research i have conducted, the most common reason in all these cases is the girl child trying to “please” a certain individual or certain individuals rather . I am confused as to why it is found sane to “please” in that manner. could this be a result of pure manipulation or a matter of esteem?

Parents play an important role in helping their children make decisions that build and not destroy them . Parents need to open doors of communication with their teens . Communication is an essential part of the relationship, avoiding topics such as sex instead of adressing them only causes problems in the future, be the one to educate your child . Communication creates a sense of trust and dependency. 

The young people are the future of this entire planet . Preserving the lives of the young ones saves a nation . Let us raise empowering awareness on this issue  and work together in protecting the body of the girl child .


Author: beatthesilence

I am a teenager with an old passion . I write about anything and everything , I'm an extrovert on paper . A philanthropist at heart .

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